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Arpeggio's repertoire consists of a broad range of styles, from the classics to jazz and contemporary to just about any style of music available. Arpeggio is a performer and entertainer like no other. Regardless of the occasion, he is the life of the party. Arpeggio is not a 'player piano' he is a 'piano player'. Arpeggio is equipped with advanced robotics and the ultimate reproducing player piano system, the Live Performance model LX.


"It may sound like Władziu Valentino Liberace himself."

“Arpeggio precisely captures the finest nuances of the original pianist’s keyboard and pedal movements…a virtual clone of the original artist!“

"Arpeggio is fully polyphonic, and can actually play as many notes at a time as required."

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Words from Apreggio's creator

Nicholas Morris

“I wanted to create a robotic performer that could play as well as virtuoso pianist. Piano players have been entertaining us for decades. As technology continued to improve, I felt there was one thing missing, the pianist. Arpeggio is major step into the future of the piano performance system.” -Nick Morris

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Take The Event To The Next Level

Imagine this, you're hosting the elegant New Year's Party or you're celebrating your company going public. Turn your event into a SENSATIONAL hit by having Arpeggio entertain your guests. You will no doubt become the MARVEL host of your SPECTACULAR event!

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Now Taking Order Reservations

Both The Arpeggio Super Droid and The Arpeggio Performer are available CUSTOM ORDER ONLY. Order reservations are taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Contact us by email or phone to place your order.

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A Catalog of Variety and Depth

Will play most major player pianos manufacturer's music including artists such as Oscar Peterson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Liberace. New music is released regularly.

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Los Angeles, CA

(818) 712-0119

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